Mission Statement

Holbrook Mission: We Belong, We are Safe, We Excel, We are Huskies!

Holbrook Vision: Together we will ensure high levels of learning for all students, through collective efficacy, in a safe and supportive learning environment

Hannah Holbrook Elementary Collective Commitments:



  • WE BELONG: We will make decisions based on what is in the best interests for students, staff, and all other stakeholders to ensure they feel welcome.  

  • Being positive, contributing members of interdependent teams and embracing a growth mindset. 

  • Supporting, encouraging, communicating, and collaborating to show mutual respect for all stake holders. 


  • WE ARE SAFE: We will make decisions based on what is in the best interest for student safety. 

  • Providing a physically safe environment that is clean and organized. 

  • Provide an emotionally safe environment where students feel accepted, supported, and free to express ideas, and teachers are approachable and caring.  


  • WE EXCEL: We will make decisions based on what is in the bet interest of student academic achievement. 

  • Being prepared for grade level and whole school collaboration by frequently reviewing data from formative, summative, benchmark, and common assessments, and using results to drive classroom instruction that used depth and rigor with viable curriculum. 

  • Taking an active part in frequent professional collaboration and learning focused on curriculum, instruction, student learning, and effective interventions.  

  • Providing timely, systematic, specific, and effective interventions, or enrichment, for students who exceed or don’t meet a given standard.